About me

Clarota and I

Hi! my name is Gil Mizrahi. I am a software developer with special interest in typed functional languages with focus on useful, real-world software.

I enjoy working on compilers, games, concurrent and network applications, as well as teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience. In my blog I write about programming and about Haskell with the purpose of making complex topics more accessible.

Feel free to reach out to me on mastodon or via e-mail (linked above).

Notable projects

Some of my notable open-source projects are:

  • Giml is a functional programming language built live on stream.

  • GlideVM is a stack-based bytecode interpreter written in C and built live on stream.

  • Nyx-game is a bullet-hell shoot-'em-up game written in Haskell using sdl2.

  • bulletin-app is a bulletin board website written in Haskell.

  • sqlite-easy is a SQLite3 database library.

  • Logi is a logic programming language inspired by datalog.

  • msg is a chat server and a web client written in Haskell and PureScript respectively.

For more projects check out my gitlab and github profiles.

Notable writings

Some of my notable articles and tutorials are: